A Kind Grounds for our people, community, and environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to invite our customers to be intentional with their consumption by making an incremental social and environmental contribution, through something as simple as a daily cup of coffee. We will put this into practice in three ways: sourcing responsibly, donating a portion of our profits, and staffing through local job support organizations. 

Our Commitment

Our People - Our employment will be done through a nonprofit partner to provide job opportunities to the folks that need it most. We are committed to creating a welcoming and fostering environment for our employees in hopes of being a supportive stepping stone before their next venture.

Our Community - We plan to continually evaluate how we can support our community. In addition to providing employment to those who need the opportunity most, we will also look for impactful ways to donate our profits, products, or time.

Our Environment - We want to minimize the footprint that our shop and our supply chain have on the environment. We will continually evaluate how we can make our footprint smaller and, maybe one day, be completely neutral.

Values & Culture

Be Kind - It's in our name! We will be a kind place for our people, community, and environment.

Be a Community - We want to create an inclusive community for our employees and consumers. We also want to find the best ways to support and be involved in the community we serve!

Be Grounded - We will stay true to ourselves by ensuring all of our business decisions are made with our mission in mind, to be a business that is doing good.

Be Good - We will not only serve goods that are great in taste but also good to the communities that brought it to us.